80JILI Privacy Policy ensures the safety of the house’s players

The 80JILI CASINO has updated its privacy policy, and it’s essential for players to familiarize The policy now includes crucial is vital for the casino’s activities. Take a moment to review the policy’s details, which are outlined below, to ensure you understand how your information will be used.

Privacy policy on applying member information security

Privacy policy on applying member information security
Privacy policy on applying member information security

Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your personal information. We will be clear and open about why we collect your personal information and how we use it. Where you have choices or rights, we will explain these to you. This Privacy Policy explains how 80JILI uses your personal information when you’re using one of our website.

Who is in control of your information?

Throughout this Privacy Policy, “80JILI”, “we”, “our” and “us” relates to Radon B.V., a company incorporated under the laws of Curacao (Commercial register of Curacao no.126922). We are registered as a ‘Controller’ in Curacao. A ‘Controller’ is a person or company who determines how and why your personal information is used. Your information is held by us on servers based in Luxembourg and elsewhere from time to time.

Our Data Protection Officer

If you have concerns or would like any further information about how 80JILI handles your personal information, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] Information we collect about you.

Privacy policy regarding fraud detection

Privacy policy regarding fraud detection
Privacy policy regarding fraud detection

In addition to the regulations clearly updated in the privacy policy for members. 80JILI also clearly regulates the issue of fraud and violation of security regulations. Strict penalties are updated in great detail.

The playground has the right to cancel and not provide products and services to fraudulent accounts. In addition, in serious cases, fines and legal proceedings may be imposed. Therefore, before participating in the experience of the house’s activities, you need to read this content clearly.

Along with that, in the 80JILI security policy, there is no limit on regular checks as well as updating sanctions. Member activities on the bookmaker’s platform will be closely monitored to limit fraud.

Violations that players often commit

During the betting process, players will often make some mistakes that make personal information easily leaked such as:

  • The first violation of the security policy is providing personal data to others. Many members lend their accounts as well as let others know their passwords to log in. This is extremely dangerous when criminals can take advantage of it to access and steal information as well as conduct financial transactions at the house through member accounts.
  • Many players, in order to win, use software to hack the results. This will cause the fairness of the house to be broken.
  • Some members also carry out illegal activities when betting at the house. Realizing that this is an act that harms the 80JILI brand, so there will be strong measures to handle it.
  • In addition, many underage players have participated in betting at the playground.

Is 80JILI betting really safe?

Many players in the process of participating in 80JILI still have some concerns about information issues. We are committed to keeping all member information absolutely confidential. This is verified through the following reasons:

Playground with legal recognition

As one of the brands providing the highest quality online reward playgrounds today. 80JILI is highly appreciated for its quality and reputation. The playground provides full documents proving its operations in a public and transparent manner.

Along with that, the house also received certification from the PAGCOR organization. The activities at the unit from the products provided, the security system, and the services must all undergo the most rigorous evaluation. Therefore, you can rest assured to bet at the house without having to worry about reputation.

80JILI updates multi-layer firewall system

In addition to investing heavily in the most advanced 128Bit SSL standardized data filter. The house also updates the most modern firewall system. Ensuring the best network security for players. This ensures that bettors’ data is not stolen by hackers.

Player information is committed to not be disclosed.

The bookmaker’s privacy policy clearly and fully regulates the issues of collecting player information. We commit that 100% of the data collected is for the sole purpose of verifying member accounts.

Absolutely never disclose member information to any other party. In addition, ensure not to arbitrarily use your information without permission. Therefore, players can completely rest assured to experience betting products at 80JILI .

Upgrade transaction security with OTP code

Not only stopping at having a data conversion system or firewall. The house also updated the 2-layer security feature through OTP code. All member transactions require entering the authentication code sent to the phone number to be confirmed. This ensures that the member’s bets are not taken advantage of by bad guys who want to withdraw.

The security policy ensures the safety of the house’s players. These OTP codes usually have a very short time and are invalid when they expire. Therefore, if you do not enter them quickly, the transaction will be canceled.


Q1: What is the strengths of 80JILI?

80JILI is proud to be the first prestige online gaming website in Asian market. Our company provides a lot of interesting gaming products such as Sports, Live casino, slot games, etc, especially online horse racing and online cock-fighting. 80JILI guarantees that all deposit and withdrawal transactions of our players are always processed promtly. Moreover, players are supported by our 24/7 professional customer service.

Q2: Is it safe to join in 80JILI website?

All information of our players are secured absolutely by our system in abroad. In addition, we also request our banks, transfer agents, credit card institution and our partners to secure our players’ information for their transactions. All their deposits are considered as commercial accounts and are not transferred to others.

Q3: What is legal age limit to join in 80JILI?

Legal age limit to join in 80JILI is over the age of 18.

Q4: Is it compulsory to register with real name at 80JILI?

For security reason, players are required to register account with their names that is matched with their bank account name. Hence, all deposit and withdrawal transactions must be submitted with their correct names.

Q5: What should I do if I forget password of 80JILI account?

Please enter 80JILI website, then click on “forget password”, fill in full of correct information: user and registered email, then click “OK”. Our system will sent your email a temporary password to sign in. After sign in successfully, you may change your password and use the newest password to sign in next times.

Q6: Is online gaming legal?

In some countries or regions, it is against the laws to play online gaming. In this case, you are required to be in compliance with your local laws. Should you have any queries, kindly consult with law advisors in your place of residence for more information. Our company shall not take liabilities for those who violate their local laws.

Q7: May I use credit card of which owner’s name is not my name?

You are advised to use your own credit card to make a deposit.

Q8: Do I pay service charge when I make a deposit or withdrawal?

You may pay a small charge of service, depending on which method you choose. For this charge, kindly contact your banks for more information. There is free of charge processing from your accounts at 80JILI, whereas there is some charges of service processing by some banks, credit card institutions or electronic wallets you choose. You may check table of service charge at banks where you make a deposit or withdrawal. 80JILI does not receive any charges from your transactions.

Q9: What documents are requested to make a change on your withdrawal account at 80JILI?

In order to make a withdrawal quickly at 80JILI, players must provide us with their enclosed documents as below- A copy of their ID card with clear photo.- A copy of their bank account number.- A copy of debit/credit card ( including front side and back side)First time withdrawal.
For the first time withdrawal, in order to ensure safety in accordance with withdrawal privacy policy of 80JILI, players are requested to provide our company with some neccessary information. After that, the players are required to wait for our confirmation with our financial department for 3 office working days.


80JILI privacy policy with the most detailed content has been updated by us in the above article. We hope that from this sharing, players will have the clearest understanding of the house’s data security process. Along with that is limiting violations to build a safe and fair playground.