Experience in betting on extra time accurately from a long-time expert

To add more drama and novelty to members, the bookmaker has updated a variety of bets with attractive bonus values. In particular, the extra time bet is highly appreciated with simple gameplay and high winning chances. You can refer to more about this type of bet in the article below of 80JILI .

What is extra time bet? 

Extra time bets are bets used in matches that include. Each bookmaker’s odds will vary based on the . Players who make accurate predictions will receive extremely valuable rewards.

In fact, this type of bet has many risks when the physical strength of both teams has decreased, so it will be more difficult to predict accurately. If you are an adventure lover, this is an opportunity for members to experience and change their lives.

Learn more about extra time odds
Learn more about extra time odds

Rules to remember when participating in extra time bets

When participating in football betting, in addition to understanding what extra time is, you also need to understand the rules of the game. Each match has different betting methods and developments. If you want to participate, bettors need to pay attention to the time of opening the bet. Many matches will determine the winner or loser based on the penalty shootout, ignoring .

When there is detailed information updated on the odds board, full information is displayed to be counted. The bookmaker will rely on the form of direct handicap or over/under for players to participate, this type of bet is also counted like the official match is 0:0.

Cases of extra time calculation

Extra time bets will be considered valid in the following cases:

  • Overtime Bet: Players will bet on whether extra time will occur or not, and also bet on whether the match will end after two regular periods or will be decided by extra time.
  • Goal Bet: You will predict how many goals will be scored in extra time.
  • Result bet: When participating, bettors will bet on how many goals the winning team will have and how they will score.
  • Players can also predict whether the home team or away team will win in extra time.

In which cases is extra time not counted?

There are many cases where extra time is not counted, specifically as follows:

Learn more about extra time odds
Learn more about extra time odds
  • You bet on the player to score.
  • Bet on which team will score the most goals.
  • Close tips 1×2.
  • Bet on the match score in odd/even format.
  • Bet on the specific time when the first goal will be scored.
  • Bet on the number of cards in the match .

Bettors when placing bets will rely on this basis to make the most accurate prediction about the outcome of the match. Bring home valuable rewards when participating in the sports betting experience at the reputable bookmaker 80JILI .

Instructions on how to accurately predict extra time

Players who want to get the best results and bring home valuable rewards, in addition to understanding the rules and how to play, applying the prediction method is also very effective. This method also helps you evaluate whether the odds offered by the bookie are reasonable or a trap.

Make sure everyone is safe and transparent before participating. If the two teams will go into extra time, experts will analyze and give the corresponding odds. You can make a bet in 2 stages as follows:

  • Phase 1: Players bet on whether extra time will occur or not, this bet will be offered about 10 minutes before the end of the match. If the match is canceled before extra time, the system will refund.
  • Phase 2: Bettors will bet on the number of goals that appear in extra time with all popular types of bets such as: Over/Under, Asian, European.
How to bet correctly
How to bet correctly

Note: Always follow the progress of the match to evaluate the ability, analyze information to make appropriate changes. Extra time takes place after the official match time when the players are exhausted, so you need to study carefully.

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Experience in winning big bets from experts

Players who understand how to analyze odds can refer to the tips shared by experts below to get the best results.

Prediction when two teams have a difference

In knockout matches where the two teams have a big difference in physical strength and enter extra time,   betting will be more effective. You will see that the top team is strong but unlucky, if it goes to extra time, the chance of winning will be higher.

For these matches, the final result will be in favor of the strong team, your task is to use a reasonable amount of capital to bring home valuable rewards. If you close the over/under bet , the handicap bet will win big money, but if you see the bookie offering a 1/4 handicap to overwhelm the underdog, then immediately close the underdog bet.

Predict when the two teams have different physical strength
Predict when the two teams have different physical strength

The strength of the two teams is balanced.

Football is a sport of surprises, many situations can happen in the match. If the two teams are considered equal, you should choose a draw or choose a Penalty bet after extra time. In addition, there are other very attractive bets such as Over/Under, Odd/Even to participate.

According to the experience of experts, this match will be more difficult to predict. Therefore, players should fully understand the data and issues related to the two teams such as history of confrontation, achievements, and form to have the most accurate prediction.

Choose the team with better performance in extra time

As mentioned above, the extra time bet will take place after the official 90 minutes and cannot determine the winner or loser. In which, there is a team in good form, rated higher in the previous half, the chance of winning will be higher.

This way of playing has been tested and shown to be more effective, however, players should also consider the actual performance of all players. It is best to follow the details of the game, understand what factors affect the results and make the right decision.

Choose the team with better form
Choose the team with better form

Hopefully, when participating in the extra time bet, you can make the most accurate predictions through the knowledge shared in the above article. Depending on each specific case, the match situation, the odds and ways to participate are also different, follow the match progress to get useful information, increase the chance of winning.