How to Always Win at Poker From the Master’s Secret Cabinet

How to play Poker is extremely important information to help bettors quickly bring home the win. So how many rounds does Poker have and how to participate? Anyone who wants to experience this game can choose to follow the following article of 80JILI to get the most detailed information.

What is Poker online card game?

Poker online card game is quite popular in the market. This game appears at many online addresses. 80JILI is a playground that provides quality online betting activities and ensures extremely high payout rates for bettors to experience.

Poker is essentially a card game that uses 52 Western cards and is transformed into another form. In casinos, the game is called Texas Hold’s em. After being introduced to Vietnam, Poker is called Xi to or Xi phe. The attractive game is highly challenging. Players who want to conquer it must understand the game well as well as concentrate highly.

Introduction to Poker gameIntroduction to Poker game
Introduction to Poker gameIntroduction to Poker game

Learn about a complete Poker set

During the game, in addition to information on how to play Poker , you should also know the components of a set, including:

  • Poker Deck: In fact, this card game uses 52 Western cards. Depending on the points and the suit of each card, the groups of cards in the player’s hand will form different ranks such as Dragon Straight/Royal Straight, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Gray, Pair, Pair, High Card.
  • Poker Chip: Round in shape and depending on the chip, has different denominations representing the player’s bet amount.
  • Dealer Poker Card: Before starting the game, members choose the person holding the Dealer card and place bets in front of this person.
  • Big Blind Card – Small Blind Card: Used to place before the members sitting at the Big Blind and Small Blind positions. These are the people who are required to bet before the game begins.
  • In addition, in a game of Poker, we also use dice.
Players should know the full Poker deck before playing.
Players should know the full Poker deck before playing.

Poker Terms

In the process of betting on online casinos , players must learn how to play Poker . Important information that you should know is the terms in the game including:

  • Call: The player, after looking at the cards, chooses to bet an amount equal to the previous bet.
  • Fold (Ford): When a player sees that his cards are too small, he chooses not to follow and folds his cards, which is the decision to end the game.
  • Bet: The player bets the first amount if he is the first member. The following players must bet the same amount of capital as above.
  • Raise: When confirming the strong cards in hand, the player makes a Raise. This is the action of betting more capital than the previous bettor.
  • All-in: The player bets all of his capital. When going all-in, the bettor just needs to sit back and wait for the results. If the bet wins, the total amount received is calculated from the time the player goes all-in.
Learning Poker Terminology is Important
Learning Poker Terminology is Important

The most detailed way to play Poker for beginners

How to play Poker is important information for bettors to experience this game in the most perfect way. Currently, the way to participate in a game is regulated as follows:

Pre Flop Betting Round

This is the first betting round that members need to participate in. In this round, the bettor knows his hole cards and places a bet. These two members have been determined when they own the Big Blind – Small Blind cards. In the way of playing Poker , Small Blind is the first player sitting after the Dealer and the next member is Small Blind.

Depending on the limit on the betting table, these two players will place bets according to that capital. The Dealer position is changed clockwise so everyone will be the Dealer in the next game. Therefore, the Big Blind – Small Blind position also changes to ensure fairness for all players.

After these two members have placed their bets, the next members will follow. The order proceeds clockwise until the remaining players have equalized their bets. The bets do not include those who fold.

Poker starts with the Pre Flop round
Poker starts with the Pre Flop round

Flop Round

According to the way of playing Poker , after the Pre Flop round ends, 3 cards on the table are turned over. At this time, the members of the betting game will combine their hole cards with the cards on the table to evaluate their strength.

The second betting round continues starting with the Small Blind player. If this player folds, the player to the left will make the first bet.


After the second betting round is over, the Turn begins. Poker rules dictate that the fourth card is turned over. The new betting round begins with the member in the Small Blind position.

Final River Round

After the third betting round is completed, the fifth community card is turned over. At this point, the players begin the final round of Poker.  rules require players to use their two hole cards in combination with the five community cards that have been established to create the highest hand combination. After that, everyone begins the final betting round.

After the final betting round ends and there are 2 or more players at the table, everyone turns over their hole cards. Whoever has the stronger hand wins. If players have the same strong hand, the pot is divided equally.

How to play Poker at 80JILI most accurately

Join the 80JILI card game , if you want to try your hand at the Poker card game, follow these steps to play :

  • Step 1: Access the bookmaker link to participate in betting.
  • Step 2: Log in to your member account on the screen.
  • Step 3: Go to the Casino betting lobby and select Poker.
  • Step 4: In the game section, there are many different variations, everyone can choose to experience as they like.

Members should remember to prepare themselves with knowledge about this game. Remember to deposit more capital when you want to bet so that the entertainment process is not interrupted.

Everyone should learn how to play card games.
Everyone should learn how to play card games.

Experience in beating Poker when betting

Poker is one of the card games that many people choose to experience. Because of its high puzzle nature, this game requires everyone to know how to bet. Besides how to play  , you should also apply the secrets from the experts:

Bluff wisely to be effective

Usually, bluffing is used by many players to deceive their opponents. However, this way of playing Poker does not always lead to victory. Bettors should use bluffs to surprise their opponents so that they fall into their trap. In particular, players should not often use this way of playing if they do not want to be caught and lose their bets.

Play strong and slow cards in the Pre-flop round

The most common way to play Poker that experienced players use is to play slowly but with strong cards in the Pre-flop round. Usually, players will raise if they see that their cards are strong in the first round. This is a sign to other players that you have a strong hand.

Showing your cards has a huge impact on the outcome of your win, so everyone can go against it. Only make a flat call so that no one can guess your cards.

Apply tips to win quickly
Apply tips to win quickly

Avoid playing too many hands in the same game.

New players think that applying many hands at the same time will bring victory. However, in reality, this way of playing Poker makes people lose a lot of bets. Not only does it lose focus and large investments, but it also increases the possibility of winning bets.

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How to play Poker helps bettors quickly get detailed information about the game. The card game is quite attractive but to conquer it, you must have knowledge about how to play as well as secrets. Therefore, you should follow the following article from 80JILI to bet and win bigger.