Invite friends to join 80JILI with unlimited bonus

Invite friends to join 80JILI with unlimited bonus as part of the promotion, all players can participate in the promotion we offer. This is a thank you gift from the online casino to the punters. This is not only to give back to the players, but also to attract more players. Let’s take a closer look at the promotions prepared by 80JILI players.

Invite friends to join 80JILI with unlimited bonus details:

Invite friends to join 80JILI with unlimited bonus
Invite friends to join 80JILI with unlimited bonus

Single Referral Reward

How can I refer someone?

Share your referral code or link with the person you would like to refer. Make sure your referee either

(a)Fill in your referral ID during registration or

(b)Register by clicking on your referral link It will only be considered a successful reference if the member you referred fulfill all requirements and verified as new 80JILI member.

Meet the promotion requirements,Bonuses are automaticallyissued.
Meet the promotion requirements,Bonuses are automatically issued.

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Unlimited Incomes

Referral Bonus:Earn 35%of your friend’s negative profit as a commission.Bonus will be automatically distributed every 1″of the month.

1.Level 1 rebate =(A+B)*.35

2.Level 2 rebate =(A1+A2+B1+B2)*.35 *.7

3.Level 3 rebate =(Level 3)*.35 *.7*.7


1.Every member of 80JILI who registered must use PHP.

2.The friends you have referred should not include those who registered under 80JL Affiliates.

3.You must recharge 300 in a single time to be considered a qualified referral.

4.Your friends must register 80JILI account via link or QR code that provided by you and make a deposit in order to qualify this promotion.

5.80JILI Management reserved the right to change,amend add or invalidate any time without notice any of these terms and conditions.

6.Referrer participation required to follow the terms and condition stated under the program and website,no same IP address,Bank Account and Contact Number is allowed. Players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.

7.80JILI also reserved the right to check member’s transaction record and login status at any time.If we find out firmly believe any terminal user or personal group misuse the qualification and rights,we reserved the right to cancel the qualification without prior notice.

8.Referrer are also apply with 80JIL general rules terms and conditions.